DPTS - Fort Pickett Emergency Services
Bldg 1484, Military Road
Hours: Mon to Fri 0730 - 1600
Phone: (434) 292-8444


For any Police, Fire, or EMS Emergencies on Fort Pickett, Dial 911 from any On-Post phone.

If using a cell phone Dial: 434-292-8444. DO NOT dial 911 from a cell phone, Fort Pickett is in the middle of three (3) counties and depending on where you are you will get a dispatcher in one of those three counties.


Title Phone Number
Deputy Provost Marshal (434) 292-8390
Fort Pickett Dispatch (434) 292-8444
Police, Fire, EMS, Emergencies on Fort Pickett 911 from Land Line On Post
(434) 292-8444 from Cell Phone

General Information

Commanders can expect that every effort will be made to involve them in the discipline of their troops who are cited by members of the Department.

Exceptions are where felonies, serious misdemeanors, or civil processes involving non-military entities are involved.

Soldiers who become disorderly and unmanageable will be handled as any other citizen.

The Virginia State Police also has joint jurisdiction on Fort Pickett and also executes Law Enforcement Duties on post.