About Fort Pickett

Fort Pickett Maneuver Training Center is located in Blackstone, VA approximately 40 miles southwest of Richmond. Fort Pickett is an Army National Guard training facility serving soldiers from regional National Guard, active military units from other installations, and soldiers from all branches of military. Fort Pickett is committed to providing premier training and quality support to our customers all year round.

Fort Pickett’s mission is providing realistic and challenging training to our customers, maintains physical security and force protection of our facility in support of soldier readiness and deployment missions. Fort Pickett strives to support our customers through innovation and partnership, while fostering balance.

Fort Pickett has 42,000 acres of Manuever areas and provides many state of the art facilities such as Live Fire Range, a Forward Operation Base, Urban Assault, Training Villages, EST 2000 and several other training facilities to support our customers.

Our vision is providing a trained, proud, customer oriented, and highly motivated team of discipline Soldiers and Civilians committed to supporting our military services of Commonwealth and country.

Our goal is to make Fort Pickett the “Training Center of Excellence” for the East Coast. To do this, we must provide the best Ranges, Facilities and training lands for all units training here at Fort Pickett.

Our capabilities is to develop a Regional Collective Training Center for the East Coast, Intermediate Staging for up to 5,000 soldiers, expanded Counter IET/CBRN training and exportable Combat Training Center.

How we are organized at Fort Pickett Maneuver Training Center