Directorate of Public Works
Bldg 234
Corner of Rives and 9th Street
Office: Mon to Fri 0730 to 1600 Hours
Phone: (434) 292-8503

Our Mission

To maintain Fort Pickett Facilities, Utilities, Roads and Grounds.

To preserve the environment, protect natural resources, and coordinate engineer troop projects.

Services and Repairs

Contact the DPW Service Desk at (434) 292-2250

DA Form 1687 is required prior to any work being initiated; one POC per Unit.

Telecommunication services require prior coordination - 2 weeks prior to scheduling.

Contact the DPW Service Desk immediately in the event of damage to Fort Pickett Facilities, Grounds, or Utilities.

Telephone/Internet Requirements

Phone service, configuration changes, and Internet request must be coordinated with the DPW POC at (434) 292-2250.

All buildings in the AT area have one phone and only Class C capability. Any increase in the number of drops or service level i.e. DSN access, will be charged against the using units MIPR or fund document. MAG Drop requirements for field use require special coordination and there will be a charge against the using units MIPR.

Internet request for Admin buildings or classrooms must be coordinated in advance and will be charged against the units MIPR. MIPRs need to be in place with Resource Management prior to arrival.

Units need to input their Telecommunications requirements, Class type (A or C) unit component type (Active, Guard, Reserve, Navy, etc.), Unit, duration, location, and POC for the unit with an active phone number.

For specialty questions, contact DPW Communications at (434) 292-2388.


Executive Order 12873 requires all facilities to recycle.

The recycling facility is located at Bldg 2360.

They accept Cardboard, aluminum, paper and metal. They are unable to accept plastic, glass or wood.

Call the recycle office to coordinate.

For more information, contact Recycling at (434) 292-2800.

Environmental Guidance

Fuel and Hazardous Waste Spills: Contain spill and report immediately to Range Ops at (434) 292-2227.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Antifreeze, weapons cleaning swabs, used solvent, contaminated fuel, used batteries, used gas mask filters, etc. - these items need to be turned in to the Hazardous Waste Storage Site located in Bldg 2361.

Call (434) 292-2800 to coordinate.

Used Oil Disposal

Turn in to Recycle Center in Bldg 2360.

Field Latrines

Recommend use of a portable or permanent vault latrine at Bivouac sites and on Ranges.

Field latrines authorized for maneuver areas must be IAW FM 21-10.

Call (434) 292-2948 to coordinate the contract on chemical toilets.

Reverse Osmosis Water Purification (ROWPU) or Tactical Water Purification Systems (TWPS)

Coordinate it with the Scheduling Office and the Environmental Office.

The Engineer Float Bridge Pond is the only permitted site.

Gray Water

All potential gray water discharges must be coordinated with Range Operation and the Environmental Office prior to discharge.

Black Water

No black water discharges allowed on Fort Pickett. Black water must be collected and transported to a proper wastewater treatment facility.

Engineer Troop Projects

We can accommodate most vertical or horizontal project with sufficient lead time. Minor vertical construction projects, Earth moving and haul missions and Quarry operations. Start your coordination today.