Directorate of Personnel and Community Activities
1484 Armistead Ave
Office: Mon to Fri 0730 to 1600 Hours
Phone: (434) 292-2294

Our Mission

To deliver a world-class installation support, provide positive customer service experience, and maintain a sustainable DPCA services to our soldiers, retirees, families and civilian employees from Fort Pickett.

Primary Services

  • Military Personnel Support
  • Administrative Services
  • ID Cards/DEERS
  • Postal Operations
  • Unit Awards
  • Tenant Activities
  • Post Regulations and Distribution
  • Community Activities to Soldiers, Families and Retirees
  • Develop Garrison Civilian Workforce

Post Services

Mail pick up and drop off at Bldg 472.

UPS and FedEx drop off and pick up services are available.

Monday - Friday, for Drop off use DD Form 285.

Alpha Rosters

Turn in Unit Alpha Personnel Rosters per Fort Pickett Reg 350-1 to the post S1 or to the Police Station in Bldg 471 within 8 hours of arrival. The Firing Desk will also need a copy in Bldg 3001.


  • Bring your own
  • Contact Key Office Supply at 1-800-669-4586
  • Reproduction - Emergency basis only in Bldg 472. Reimbursement required.

Personnel and Community Activities Directory

Title Phone Number
Director/Post S1 (434) 292-2294
Admin Section (434) 292-8403
MWR/Gym (434) 292-8626
Post Exchange (434) 292-8680