Safety & Occupational Health ~ Virginia National Guard

Welcome to the Virginia National Guard Safety and Occupational Health home page!

The State Safety and Occupational Health Office contact information:

Bldg 316, Fort Pickett
Blackstone, VA 23824

State Safety Manager:  434-298-6145
Occupational Health Manager:  434-298-6342

The Virginia Guard Safety and Occupational Health Office welcomes input from the field. Please send any questions, comments or concerns to the appropriate contact below:

  • Click HERE to e-mail the state safety manager or call 434-298-5927
  • Click HERE to e-mail the occupational health manager or call 434-298-6342

Safety and Occupational Health Team Mission Statement

Our team is committed to create a work environment that places the highest value on the welfare of the individual Soldier and civilian of the Virginia National Guard  

We believe:

    • Safety and health is everyone’s responsibility
    • Our success depends greatly on the field embracing safety as a way of life and integrating it in everything they do
  • We will continuously strive for  program improvement, excellent customer service and continuity of care