September 7, 2005

Deployed Soldiers contribute supplies to hurricane relief

By Maj. Cotton Puryear
Army Guard Public Affairs Officer


Soldiers from Battery B, 2-111th Field Artillery pose with their boxes of supplies they plan to send to those in need in the Gulf Coast areas deviated by Hurricane Katrina. Front Row: Sgt. Robert Vaught, Sgt. Edward Adams, Spc. Joseph Hampton, Sgt. John Aird, Sgt. Benjamin Coffey, Spc. Paul Bailey. Back Row: Staff Sgt. Christopher Rush, Sgt. Eric Jones, SFC Brian Taylor, Cpl. Steven Jones, Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Robbins, 1SG Martin Steiner. (Photo courtesy Battery B, 2-111th Field Artillery)

Virginia Guard Soldiers deployed in Iraq have joined the relief efforts taking place in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Members of Battery B, 2-111th Field Artillery have gathered together supplies to send to people in need in the affected regions of the Gulf Coast.

"Soldiers in my unit organize some of the care packages we receive and are shipping them to organizations who will distribute them to American citizens in need," said 1st Sgt. Martin R. Steiner, Jr., currently stationed in Camp Bucca, Iraq. "I sent an e-mail to several key leaders I work with, and their response and support has been tremendous. They have begun spreading the word to FOBs all across Iraq and we hope to see this effort on a grand scale."

Steiner said he got the idea after seeing some boxes of unused care packages while walking through his company headquarters. He also said his Soldiers were already telling family members to divert their care packages to the Red Cross instead of sending them to Iraq.

"I only hope to be a catalyst to start people thinking and inspire action," Steiner said in his e-mail. "With the
right people involved, I envision good things coming from a cause such as this."

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