October 13, 2004

Fighter wing gets new commander


Virginia’s Assistant Adjutant General for Air, Brigadier General John D. Dornan, passes the guidon to the new commander of the 192d Fighter Wing, Col. Peter A. Bonanni. Looking on are the retiring Wing commander, Col. Stephen R. Hicks (right) and the 192d’s Command Chief, Chief Master Sergeant David J. Kinsey. ( Photo courtesy 192nd Communications Flight, Multimedia Division)

Longtime commander of the 192d Fighter Wing, Col. Stephen R. Hicks prepared for retirement and turned over command of the unit to Col. Peter A. Bonanni during a formal ceremony held in the 192d’s main aircraft maintenance hangar on April 25, 2004.

The event, attended by numerous civilian and military dignitaries and guests and hundreds of Virginia Air Guard members, was officiated by Maj. Gen. Claude Williams, Adjutant General of Virginia, and Brig. Gen. John Dornan, Virginia’s Deputy Adjutant General for Air.

Williams read the Change-of-Command Order while Hicks passed the guidon – representing command of the Fighter Wing – to Dornan, who then presented the flag to Bonanni, who had been serving as the wing’s vice commander. After the ceremony, Williams spoke of the richness and meaning of military tradition, discussed the Virginia National Guard’s continued involvement and tasking in Southwest Asia and asked those present to keep in mind the many military personnel currently deployed in the ongoing war on terror. He lauded the dedication of Hicks and his exemplary skill in leading the unit as it patrolled U.S. skies, round-the-clock, for nearly a year after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the nation.

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