May 31, 2005

E-mentoring promotes personal and professional development

By Sgt. John Slosser
Staff Writer

The National Guard Bureau is providing a new way of promoting personal and professional development among all members of the Army National Guard including civilian personnel. This new program is called E-Mentoring.

The e-Mentoring program is designed to achieve its objectives through a unique, user-friendly, web based model.

Mentors provide guidance on career goals and developing short-term strategies for success. The mentor shares knowledge and acquired experience and serves as a personal and/or professional role model. The mentee seeks personal and professional guidance through the mentoring partnership.

 Mentors and mentees agree to enter the e-Mentoring program voluntarily and to comply with Army rules and regulations. Program participation requires respect for the ARNG organizational culture and institutional knowledge as Guard members and civilians are partnered with mentors and mentees across socioeconomic, generational, educational, racial, and gender lines.

For more information regarding participation in the e-Mentoring program login to the Guard Knowledge Online website and select the “ARNG e-mentoring program” from the applications drop-down menu, or contact Maj. Ramsey at COMM 434-298-6229 or DSN 438-6229 or via email at

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