March 3, 2009

29th ID utilizes new personnel system during inauguration

By Sgt. Andrew H. Owen
29th Infantry Division Public A

FORT BELVOIR, Va. — During the recent presidential inauguration the personnel section, or G-1, of the 29th Infantry Division was afforded the opportunity to field a new system to help expedite the in-processing of Soldiers in to Joint Task Force 29.

The new system, known as Tactical Personnel Software, is a stand alone barcode application providing accountability of Soldiers preparing to deploy or return from an area of operations. TPS supports Soldier accountability through manifesting functionality, according to reports from Leslie S. Sofocleous, deputy product director of Army Human Resource System.

According to Sofocleous, TPS has the ability to quickly upload information, such as arrival/departure status, including duty status changes for active Army personnel, as well as strength reports such as unit manning reports and alpha rosters before unit arrival or departure, to appropriate personnel tracking systems within the Army.

The old system of tracking Soldiers used by the bivision required individuals to fill out paperwork while Soldiers from the G-1 would individually input them into the system to be sent up to higher. The new system sped the process up by allowing Soldiers to scan their identification cards in to the TPS, according to Staff Sgt. Ryan Yancey, human resources sergeant for the 29th.

“Instead of every person having to stand and hand jam a roster taking roughly 20 to 30 seconds each, all they had to do was present their ID card and get it scanned, which took about two to three seconds,” said Yancey. “Then they got their ID card given back to them and they were on their way. This system takes a lot of the ‘hurry up and wait’ out of the process.”

For the inauguration, the Division had to create an alpha roster for each of the subordinate units using the TPS to maintain accountability of the units. “This process took all of 20 minutes for our large group that in processed at one time a group of 150 personnel,” said Yancey.

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