March 26, 2008

91st Troop Command reenergizes its Organizational Inspection Program

By Capt. Rhonda Clanton-Davis
91st Troop Command

RICHMOND — The Virginia National Guard’s Richmond-based, Headquarters Detachment, 91st Troop Command received positive feedback from the Organizational Inspection Program (OIP) inspection conduct March 11-15. The inspection was conducted by a team from Troop Comand's higher headquarters, the Joint Force Headquarters of Virginia.

During the OIP, seven categories with objective standards were used to assess unit readiness, explained Lt. Col. Colt Puryear, the Deputy Army Guard Chief of Staff and General Inspector Coordinator. The seven categories were Headquarters and Command; Personnel/Soldier Readiness Processing, Operations/Training Management, Physical Security, Operations/Mobilization, Logistics/Command Supply Discipline Program and Logistics/Command Maintenance Evaluation.

“The primary function of the OIP is to teach and train,” Puryear said. “If units had short comings that could be corrected on the spot, opportunity was immediately afforded to do so. The intent is to improve unit readiness and Soldier care and not to simply find fault.” 

During the out brief held on March 15, 2008, all seven category results were individually discussed to Brig. Gen. Eugene Stockton, Assistant Adjutant General for Army. The overall findings of the inspection concluded that 49 out of 54 inspected areas were compliant, while three areas were noncompliant and two not inspected. 

Stockton highly praised the units for their satisfactory ratings and focused a great deal on the Personnel/Soldier Readiness and Physical Security arenas. He said that all areas were significant; however, those areas which covered OERs and NCOERs is very critical, important to development of Soldiers, and is also dear to his heart, as well as Maj. Gen. Robert B. Newman Jr., the Adjutant General of Virginia.

Mobilization was another area Stockton page particular attention. “Over the years, this area has gained more concentration,” he said.  While attending the 29th Mission Essential Task List (METL) Conference, several accolades were given from “Big Army” on this topic. Stockton said that Virginia Guard units were stepping to the plate and we needed to give ourselves a pat on the back.

In conclusion, Puryear and the inspection team complimented the units for their utmost positive attitude and desire for improvement. 

“This inspection showed the units overall preparedness and said masses about the units,” Stockton said. “I am quite pleased and for the first ones out of the shoot, 91st Troop Command has set the bar. Great inspection, thanks for the hard work and keep up the good work!”
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