June 30, 2010

Counterdrug program honored by Virginia State Police

Virginia Guard Counterdrug Program

SANDSTON, Va. — The Virginia State Police Salem Division VI Headquarters presented a certificate of appreciation to the Virginia National Guard Counterdrug Taskforce June 1, 2010 for its support of the State Police Public Safety Day. 1st Sgt. Kenneth Muse, Staff Sgt. Douglas Perry and Sgt. James Mills have supported this event for the past two years at the State Police Headquarters in Salem, Va. 


1st Sgt. Kenneth Muse, Counterdrug’s Drug Demand Reduction Administrator, poses with a certificate of appreciation from the Virginia State Police. (Courtesy photo)

“We really enjoy supporting the State Police. We meet some great contacts and learn a lot from some of their experiences,” said Perry. “We have been asked to support them again this year, and we are looking forward to it.”

“Our Drug Demand Reduction personnel provide purpose, direction, and motivation to youth.  They also educate parents, professionals, and citizens on the drug hazards facing our youth today,” said Lt. Col. Charlton Dunn, The Virginia Guard Counterdrug Program coordinator. “Their tools include gateway and illicit drug, gang awareness, and consequence awareness training as well as life skills and teamwork building events. Their goal is to empower our citizenry with the knowledge and skills necessary to make good decisions regarding drugs.” 

“Youth can be touched by our program from short community events to comprehensive 12 hour school programs, from individual mentorship to large classes” pointed out Muse. 

“In 2009 DDR personnel reached over 3,000 children in 20 schools with ‘Stay on Track’ and over 500 children were mentored through ‘Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs,’ both nationally recognized programs,” Perry explained. “DDR personnel also reached over 2,200 youth at summer camps. In conjunction with the Attorney General’s Office, over 900 students received Class Action Program training and over 600 students received gang awareness education. DDR personnel also supported over 120 students in the Hard-Core Challenge Program for teens at risk.”

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