June 27, 2003, 10:47 EST

Maintenance Company food service to compete for Connelly Award

Mr. Fred Doss, a Philip A. Connelly Award program evaluator, samples a meal prepared by the 3647th Maintenance Company, Virginia Army National Guard, during the recent regional level competition held at Ft. Pickett, Va.
BLACKSTONE, Va. - By being best in the Virginia Army National Guard, the food service soldiers of the 3647th Maintenance Company located on Darville Rd. here in Blackstone earned the right to compete with Army National Guard units from seven others states at the regional level for the Philip A. Connelly award. The Philip A. Connelly Award is a Department of the Army food service program. The International Food Service Executives Association (IFSEA) and the Department of the Army cosponsor the program. The Army Center of Excellence, Subsistence (ACES) administers it.

According to the U. S Army Quartermaster Center, the Philip A. Connelly Awards Program was established in March 1968 to recognize excellence in Army Food Service. Much of the professionalism associated with today's Army Food Service program is a direct result of the Connelly competition and the invaluable support provided by IFSEA. The greatest value of the program is to produce improvements in the quality of food and food service afforded the soldier.

The company commander, Capt. Everton Nevers, said he believed the 3647th Maintenance Company food service section performed well during the regional evaluation that was conducted at Ft. Pickett and the unit would go on to compete at the national level. He said that competition in the Philip A. Connelly program is a demanding undertaking and challenges the best among Army food service soldiers. He went on to say the soldiers of the 3647th were as professional as any he has ever seen and would meet the challenges of this demanding competition.

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