July 7, 2010

Virginia Guard Family Programs announces Financial Management Awareness Program

Virginia National Guard Family Programs Office

FORT PICKETT, Va. — The Family Programs Office is excited to announce the creation of the Financial Management Awareness Program. Recognizing that financial stress can affect everything from your career to family to National Guard obligations, FMAP offers a unique combination of weekly financial tips, quarterly educational seminars, and individual financial counseling.

Believing that financial knowledge is the first step in making informed decisions, the program strives to increase financial literacy. Starting with a pledge from Military Saves to save money, reduce debt, and build wealth, we will create a foundation for financial freedom.

Targeting a pledge participation rate of 80% highlights the commitment to FMAP. However, this is only the first step. In addition to the pledge, weekly financial tips will be distributed via Facebook and the Joint Service Support portal. These brief articles will address a variety of financial topics. Being both relevant and concise, we hope to highlight ideas that affect your daily life.

Complementing the online presence will be quarterly seminars. Taught throughout the state, each quarter will have a different topic and provide additional opportunities to further your financial education.

Finally, those seeking more personalized assistance can contact the Virginia National Guard’s full-time Personal Financial Counselor, Sean Hannon, at sean.x.hannon@mhn.com or cell: (804) 357-8623.

Family readiness is mission readiness. Understanding the role that personal finance plays within the family dynamic is essential to creating a healthy environment in which we can thrive. With the introduction of FMAP, Family Programs is making a strong drive to lead you to financial freedom and a time when you control your money as opposed to money controlling you.

To take the Pledge, go to https://www.militarysaves.org/enroll/default.asp

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