July 12, 2002, 14:10 EDT

Young promoted to brigadier general

Maj. Gen. Claude Williams (left), the adjutant general of Virginia, congratulates Ronald Young on his promotion to brigadier general and assignment as STARC Commander for the Virginia Army National Guard. (Photo courtesy of the Virginia National Guard Public Affairs Office)

BLACKSTONE, Va. - Col. Ronald O. Young was promoted to Brig. Gen. today in a ceremony held at the Department of Military Affairs, Fort Pickett. Young was assigned as the STARC Commander upon Brig. Gen. Larry Gilman's recent retirement. Brig. Gen. Young plans to begin visiting units of the Virginia Army National Guard in the near future. His focus will be on ensuring units of the Virginia Army National Guard maintain the highest level of readiness possible.

As STARC Commander for the Virginia Army National Guard, Young is responsible for the Headquarters element of the State Area Command. He has responsibility for assuring that the STARC provides pre-mobilization, mobilization, and post-mobilization trained and equipped Army units capable of meeting their mission in time of war, national emergency, or homeland security/defense.

Young enlisted in the Virginia Army National Guard in1969 and advanced to the rank of Specialist E-5 before being commissioned a second lieutenant in the chemical corps in 1973. He has served in a variety of command and staff positions throughout his career, to include command of the 183rd Infantry Battalion, 2nd Brigade and command of the 183rd Regiment (RTI). He most recently served as commander of the 1st Brigade, 29th Infantry Division (Light)

Young grew up in Augusta County near Staunton and graduated from Buffalo Gap High School. He received a baccalaureate degree in history from Bridgewater College and a Master of Science degree in Health/Physical Education from James Madison University.
He resides and operates a grazing/livestock farm outside of Staunton, Va. and is a public high school educator.

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