February 12, 2005

Senator Allen visits 129th FAD

By 1st Lt. Fred Moore
129th FAD UPAR


Virginia Senator George Allen poses with members from the 129th FAD during a whirlwind visit to Iraq. (Photo courtesy 129th FAD)

Virginia Senator George Allen visited the 2nd Battalion, 111th Field Artillery Regiment, the 1173rd Transportation company, and the 129th Field Artillery Detachment on Feb. 5 during a whirlwind tour of Iraq to meet with Virginia soldiers. 

Allen had the chance to tour one of the 129th's Q-37 radar sites. He also assisted Spc. Kevin Jordan in the radar control shelter.  After visiting those areas, Virginians stationed at LSA Anaconda had the opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns at a town hall style meeting. 

Salary, benefits, and the future of the Virginia National Guard were the main topics for the evening. Allen told those present that he was very proud of all the work Virginians were performing for Iraqi people and for the United States. He also said the Iraqi Vice-President had told him he was awed by American's willingness to help Iraq win its democracy by sacrificing 1,400 of her own sons and daughters in Iraq, as well as well as financial assets and resources of the United States.

Allen told the group he was happy to be in Iraq, and added that this was the farthest he had ever traveled for a town meeting. After the meeting was over, Allen gave away a variety of Virginia grown goodies including peanuts and tobacco products.  

Allen said, "During my stay in Iraq, I told our troops how proud we at home are of their service and dedication. It's always an invigorating experience spending time with the brave men and women of our Armed Forces who risk and sacrifice so much to keep us safe and defend our freedoms. The patriots in Iraq are truly some of the finest that our nation has to offer and I'm so proud of the way they represent Virginia and America."

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