Dec. 24, 2009

Gov. Kaine sends letter of thanks to Virginia National Guard

Commonwealth of Virginia
Office of the Governor

December 23, 2009

As our Commonwealth pauses to embrace the joys of the holiday season, I want to send a special message to the men and women of the Virginia National Guard. Thank you for defending our freedoms and keeping our country safe. Your sacrifices and those of your families are not forgotten during this time of year.

Here in Virginia, you have demonstrated time and again that you are indeed "The Commonwealth's Guardian." From fighting forest fires in southwest Virginia, to providing security for the inauguration of our president, to your recent response to the devastating snows that hit the Commonwealth, the citizens of Virginia know that they can depend on your professionalism and devotion to duty.

All Virginians owe a special thanks to you and your families who support you in your role as a Virginia Guardsman. Your families understand first-hand the sacrifice that comes with service in the National Guard and I want each of them to know that we recognize and appreciate their commitment as well.

As my term as Governor comes to an end, please know that it has been a great honor to have commanded the Virginia National Guard. On behalf of the citizens of a grateful Commonwealth, I offer my thanks for all that you have done over the last four years. Your service is an inspiration to us all.

Anne and I send you and your families our very best for the holiday season and our wish for a healthy and happy New Year.


Timothy M. Kaine

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