Public Affairs ~ Request for Film, Video or Documentary Assistance

In order to be considered for film/video/documentary assistance, the National Guard Bureau Public Affairs Office will review your project for possible consideration. Call (703) 607-2638 for specific contact information.

Be advised that all projects requesting military support must ultimately be approved by the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Public Affairs, before any commitments are given for use of equipment, facilities or uniformed personnel.  Ample time is required for these reviews and can typically take 30 days or more. Production company requests for military assistance will include the following on company letterhead and be forwarded as a complete package:

• Requestor’s name, contact information (including email), and production company name
• Production company background
• Industry-recognized funding plan
• Industry-recognized distribution plan
• Proof of insurance rider for production company
• Acknowledgement that the production company will be responsible for any costs incurred
• Treatment plan (scripts for videos/motion picture productions or outlines/synopsis for documentaries)
• Specific military assistance requested and projected film dates/schedule

If you are only seeking military people as “extras,” you must advertise it as off-duty employment and must provide costumes/uniforms. Military personnel in an off-duty employment (or volunteer) capacity may not use their military uniforms or equipment in such endeavors, and are encouraged to seek appropriate legal guidance to ensure such off-duty opportunities are within established regulations.


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