Senior Leaders ~ Virginia National Guard
Governor of Virginia
Gov. Terry McAuliffe
Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security Secretary Brian Moran
Adjutant General of Virginia Brig. Gen. Timothy P. Williams
Commander, 29th Infantry Division Maj. Gen. Charles W. Whittington Jr.
Deputy Commander, 29th Infantry Division Brig. Gen. Blake Ortner  
Assistant Adjutant General- Army Brig. Gen. Walter L. Mercer    
Air Component Commander Brig. Gen. Wayne A. Wright  
Commander, Virginia Defense Force Brig. Gen. (Va.) Justin P. Carlitti, Sr.    
Assistant Adjutant General- Support Brig. Gen. Steven T. Scott  
Director of the Joint Staff Col. Paul F. Griffin  
Chief of Staff, Virginia Army Guard Col. Jeffrey N. Hice  
Director of Staff, Virginia Air National Guard Col. Marshall L. Kjelvik  
State Command Chief Warrant Officer CW5 William Lyles    
Virginia National Guard Senior Enlisted Advisor Command Sgt. Maj. Alan M. Ferris  
Virginia Army Guard Command Sergeant Major Command Sgt. Maj. Carl Holcomb
Virginia Air Guard State Command Chief Master Sergeant Chief Master Sergeant Jeffery W. Frazier

Updated March 4, 2015

  • To contact the office of the Adjutant General of Virginia, call 804-236-7880. To send a fax, dial 804-236-7901.
  • To contact the office of the Director of the Joint Staff, call 804-236-7879. To send a fax, dial 804-236-7747.
  • To contact the office of the Virginia Army National Guard Chief of Staff, call 434-298-6102.
  • To contact the office of the Virginia Air National Guard Director of Staff, call 804-236-7885.

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