Community Programs ~ Virginia National Guard

Virginia National Guard Counterdrug Program

The Counter-Drug program places Army and Air Guardsmen in communities throughout the Commonwealth conducting Drug Demand Reduction classes for schools and civic organizations, supporting law enforcement agencies with criminal analysts and aviation support, managing our internal drug testing program, and providing all hazard treatment referral services to Guardsmen and their families. We are a supporting effort at the local, state, and federal levels working both supply and demand sides of the drug crisis.  We are collaborative members of the Governor’s Office for Substance Abuse Prevention, the Governor’s Initiative Against Narcotics Trafficking, and the Attorney General’s Gang Reduction and Intervention Program.

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Virginia Commonwealth ChalleNGe Program

The Commonwealth ChalleNGe Program works with 16-18 year old “at-risk” youth to develop values, skills, education and self-discipline in their lives.  The program is located at the State Military Reservation in Virginia Beach and serves youth from the entire state of Virginia.  The program is based on eight core components that enable youth to focus and make positive improvements during their five and half month residential journey toward graduation.  This program also gives cadets the opportunity to attain the GED. The mission of Commonwealth ChalleNGe is to intervene in the life of at-risk youth by providing the values, skills, education and self-discipline needed to produce responsible, productive citizens, and to do so in a highly disciplined atmosphere.

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