Virginia-Republic of Tajikistan State Partnership Program
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General Background

The State Partnership Program (SPP) links U.S. states and partner nations in support of mutual interests. The goal of the program is to establish broad reaching, friendly ties between partner states and partner countries at all levels of society utilizing the National Guard as the catalyzing force and means of support.

Virginia -Tajikistan Partnership

The partnership between Virginia and the Republic of Tajikistan was formally established in June 2003.

Purpose:  The Virginia National Guard State Partnership Program (SPP) supports the U.S. Central Command Commander’s Security Cooperation Plan developed within the framework of the Office of the Secretary of Defense Seecurity Cooperation Guidance.

Mission:  The Virginia National Guard fosters mutual interests to establish a long-term relationship that will link the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Republic of Tajikistan across all levels of society in order to support and assist with implementation of CENTCOM’s Theater Security Cooperation plan.

Focus Area for Virginia-Tajikistan Security Cooperation:

  • Medical exchanges
    • Operation ‘Provide Hope’
    • Combat Life Saver Seminar
  • NCO development / education
  • Civil Support Team (WMD) development
  • Staff development
  • Border security
  • Peacekeeping Operations development
  • Senior Leader Visits
  • Emergency preparedness and disaster response

For More Information

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