Camp Pendleton
Headquarters, Camp Pendleton State Military Reservation
203 Red Horse Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
PHONE:  757-493-3122 ~ FAX:  757-491-5152

Post Headquarters 757-493-3122

Training Facilities 757-493-3121

Billeting and Cottages 757-493-3125

Click HERE to make online reservations for Camp Pendleton lodging.

NOTE: Cottage and trailers cannot be booked online. You must call the billeting office at 757-493-3125

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If so, click HERE to see photos of all the cottages at Camp Pendleton.


Making Unit Reservations and Coordinating Support: 

  • For Training Facilities (Open Bay Barracks, Classrooms, Mess Halls, Administration Buildings, Field Training Areas, and the Range) send a completed application (HERE) to Camp Pendleton Operations. It is recommended that requests for reservations be submitted at least 60 days in advance (though not required), but no more than 18 months in advance.  
  • For additional telephone lines or internet connectivity, coordinate with DOIM by calling 434-298-6313 at least 45 days prior to visiting). Virginia National Guard units can go to the J6 link on the Virginia National Guard intranet site and enter a help ticket.            
  • Cancellation of reservations must be done at least 14 days prior by calling Operations at 757-493-3121. One day's fee per facility may be charged for failure to give adequate notice and habitual offenders will be barred from making future reservations. This does not apply if there is an emergency beyond the users control or inclement weather.

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