October 20, 2002, 20:22 EDT

Military History Weekend held in Charlottesville

by Spec. Stephanie Willer
Virginia National Guard Public Affairs Office

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. - The 6th Annual Military History Weekend went off with a bang in Charlottesville, Va. Clear skies and warm temperatures, posed perfect conditions for the weekend visitors.

The event was sponsored by the All-American Honor Guard, who invited several military and history groups around the Commonwealth of Virginia to participate in the event. However, members of Company A of the 116th Infantry unit of the Monticello Guard, who had been an active participant for the last few years, were unable to attend due to their mobilization to active duty and imminent deployment. They were greatly missed.

Many families were in attendance to see the different time periods of our military history and learn more about their heritage. Groups were represented from Jamestown to Desert Storm.

The proceeds from the event will go toward the C. Ted Huntington Scholarship Award in History. The Award is given to local area high school seniors for their excellence in history. The award is named after one of the founders of the AAHC. Huntington, who was a retired Army officer, was one of the most avid supporters of the AAHC. The AAHC was founded in 1989.

The Association is actively involved with area schools. Their intent is to teach children about our military. "We are not here to glorify war, but to honor or veterans of the past. It's our way of honoring our serviceman," said Les Barnett, Vice President of the AAHC, who also works as an engineer for a local company. He added, "We want to instill an appreciation of our military in the community."

Members of the Staunton Cavalry do a cannon drill. Their uniforms are a representation of the Virginia Confederate Militia during the Civil War - 1861 through 1865. (All photos by Spec. Stephanie Willer.)

Members of the Staunton Cavalry cover their ears during a cannon drill.

Captain of the George Washington Army, 7th Virginia Regiment, part of the continental line, inspects his tent.

Peggy and Brian Del Vecchil ( a UVA Police Officer) with the International Group of Little-Big Horn & Associates represent members of the Mounted police from the time period of the Indian War of 1870.

Technical Corporal Charles R. Farley, (a computer programmer) works the field phone representing WW II Dodge City three days after D-Day. Pvt. David L Peterson of the 29th Signal Company out of Vierville, VA ( a Charlottesville high school student,) waits for his next command.

Capt. Les Barnett (VP of AAHG) of the 29th Signal Company, relays mission to technical corporal.

Spec. George Hopson and Sgt. Sarah R. William from Company B. of the 429th Medical Unit represented the modern ear and are show here setting up the stretcher in military ambulance.

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