Nov. 4, 2010

Powhatan engineers recognized by the Richmond City Council 

By Capt. Matthew J. Nowak
Virginia Army Guard Public Affairs     

RICHMOND, Va. — Soldiers from Powhatan’s 180th Horizontal Construction Company, 276th Engineer Battalion, 91st Troop Command were recognized at the Richmond City Council meeting Oct. 25 for their work clearing debris and undergrowth in the Cannon Creek Parkway in Richmond during six days of their annual training in July.


Soldiers from the 180th Horizontal Construction Company were recognized Oct. 25 by the Richmond City Council for their work clearing undergrowth in the Cannon Creek Parkway in Richmond during six days of their annual training in July. (Photos by Capt. Matthew J. Nowak, Virginia National Guard Public Affairs)

Click HERE to see more photos from the event on the Virginia National Guard Flickr site.

Sixth District Councilwoman Ellen F. Robertson presented members of the 180th an Official Public Service Award for their contributions on the project. Robertson presented awards to 20 Soldiers from the 180th to recognize their time spent working on the project in her district.

"I am proud to be here accepting this award, but I am more proud of the hard work the Soldiers accomplished together,” said 1st Lt. Jessee Kopczynski, the platoon leader who supervised the work.

This project is the continuation of an ongoing community reclamation and improvement of the 1.4 mile area that comprises the Cannon Creek Greenway, which includes a heavily-wooded ravine located adjacent to a section of the north-south Richmond-Henrico Turnpike between Valley Road on the south and Craigie Avenue.

The work of the 180th Engineers came about through National Guard Bureau’s Innovative Readiness Training program. The city of Richmond submitted a request through the Adjutant General and Governor of Virginia, and once the request was approved the unit developed a plan to conduct the project work during their annual training.

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