May 9, 2008

Training will soon begin on new human resources management system

From Staff Reports

Soldiers from the Virginia National Guard will soon begin training to learn about the new Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System or DIMHRS.

“DIMHRS is coming,” said Lt. Col. Eric Barr, the Virginia National Guard DIMHRS project officer. Barr explained the orginial fielding date of October 1, 2008 has been pushed back to March 1, 2009 in order to make sure the system is fully capable to support the neeeds of Soldiers.

The Virginia National Guard is waiting for release of online training materials for Soldiers, but Barr said the target for making the training available to Soldiers is June 1.Each Virginia Army National Guard Soldier will be required to take eight hours of online training to understand what they will be able to do with the new system.

For now, the most important thing Soldiers can do is make sure their pay and personnel records are up to date so the most accurate information is migrated into the new DIMHRS system when it comes online. As more information about the system becomes available, Soldiers will be informed by their chain of command.

Key Facts about DIMHRS:

 DIMHRS is a Congressionally- mandated program focusing on the Army’s personnel and pay functionality. DIMHRS will provide the Army with an integrated, multi-component, personnel and pay system. The personnel and pay functionality addresses major deficiencies in the delivery of military personnel and pay services, such as incorrect pay and inaccurate credit of service, which are caused by a myriad of systems with multiple complex interfaces.

DIMHRS will provide each Soldier with a single, comprehensive record of service that will feature a self-service capability that allows the Service Member to update portions of their personal information. Personnel records will be available to Human Resource (HR) professionals, combatant commanders, personnel and pay managers, and other authorized users throughout the Army. This web-based HR tool will be available 24 hours a day.

DIMHRS will result in the largest, fully-integrated HR system in the world and will deliver timely and accurate pay and benefits to all Soldiers and their families. The system will provide a single personnel and payroll record for all Soldiers that seamlessly delivers key personnel functions and integrates pay and personnel. It will provide internal controls and audit procedures that prevent erroneous payments and loss of funds and maximize single source data entry.

Of particular interest to National Guard Soldiers, the system will provide seamless transition of personnel between components by providing an integrated Active, Reserve and National Guard personnel and pay system.

Currently, there are separate HR and pay systems for each Army component. In all, there are more than 160 redundant systems, databases, and interfaces. This myriad of systems with multiple interfaces causes several deficiencies, including the inability to track Active Component (AC) and Reserve Component (RC) status changes and the lack of a single, comprehensive personnel record of service.

Soldiers will be able to access their own personal record in DIMHRS using a supplied username and password, but those accessing multiple records (i.e. HR Specialists) will require a Common Access Card (CAC). However, 6 months after Initial Operating Capability (IOC) any Soldier accessing DIMHRS from a non .mil computer, whether using a CAC or username and password, will automatically be routed to the “Self Service” page. In other words, Soldiers will be able to log on from any computer to take care of “Self Service” actions, but will require a CAC to process actions of other Soldiers.

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