May 1, 2003, 15:39 EST

They are their brother's keeper

Petty Officer David Berry (left) and his brother, Chief Warrant Officer Dennis Berry share a moment at the Royal Naval Association in Uxbridge, England after Dennis administered the re-enlistment oath to David.
ROANOKE, Va. - Dennis and David Berry are their brother's keeper. And they demonstrated that in a very vivid and tangible way recently. This past January Dennis, who is a chief warrant officer in Virginia Army National Guard, traveled to London, England where his brother David is stationed to administer David's oath of reenlistment in the United States Navy. Early March David traveled to Roanoke, Va. where Dennis lives to see him off as he enters active federal service with the 1710th Transportation Company located in Manassas and Bowling Green. Both David's extension of enlistment and Dennis' entry into active federal service were significant events and it was appropriate that these two brothers share them.

David has served 18 years in the United States Navy. He is beginning what may be his last hitch as a Petty Officer in the Seabees and is preparing to leave his current duty station in London, England. David wanted his brother, Dennis, to come to London and administer the oath for what may be his last period of service in the Navy. As his brother's keeper Dennis traveled to London to administer the oath of enlistment to David. While administering what may be the last oath of enlistment in the Navy was a solemn and important occasion, the celebration that followed at the Royal Naval Association, Uxbridge, was a joyous celebration of Petty Officer Berry's successful career as a utilitiesman in the Seabees. The Royal Naval Association, Uxbridge, is made up of current and former members of Her Majesty's armed forces. These veterans and members of the United Kingdom's military and Dennis made sure that David's successful service in London received the recognition it deserved.

Little did these brothers know that within less than two months David would be traveling to Roanoke, Va. to see his brother off as Dennis entered active federal service for at least a year. Chief Warrant Officer Berry had just recently completed 20 years of service with the US Army Reserve and Army National Guard. He was looking forward to his new assignment in the Virginia Army National Guard as a maintenance technician. In March his unit, the 1710th Transportation Company, was alerted and entered active federal service. Being his brother's keeper David made the journey to Roanoke, Va. to see Dennis before he entered active duty. The brothers had an opportunity to spend some time together and gain strength from each other before Dennis headed to Ft. Eustis, Va.

Both brothers are in transition now. David is preparing for a new, and possibly his last, assignment of a long and successful career in the Navy. Dennis is adjusting to being on active duty. Neither brother knows exactly where they will be assigned in the next several months. There is a lot of speculation but neither knows for sure. But these brothers do know something very important. They know they are their brother's keeper and they both know there is someone to keep them.

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