May 8, 2002, 16:47 EDT

State empolyees honored for their support

by Lt. Col. Chester C. Carter, III
Virginia National Guard Public Affairs Officer

From left to right Ms. Suzette Brooks, Ms. Bonnie Conley, Ms. Rosalita Berta, and Ms. Elizabeth Hendricks receive the Quarterly Team Impact Award from Major General Claude Williams. (Photo courtesy of the Virginia National Guard Public Affairs Office)

BLACKSTONE, Va. - This week is Virginia Public Service Week and the Virginia Department of Military Affairs took time yesterday to honor the many state employees that support the Virginia Army and Air National Guard here at Fort Pickett. There are about 130 full and part time state employees at Fort Pickett with an annual payroll of almost $12 million dollars.

These employees are engaged in the full spectrum of activities necessary to assure the Virginia National Guard is ready and capable of meeting its state and federal missions. These state employees work with the federal employees and military members of the Virginia Army and Air National Guard to accomplish a wide variety of tasks.

Maj. Gen. Claude A. Williams, the Adjutant General of Virginia, presented the Team Impact Award as a part of the recognition ceremony held at the Fort Pickett Conference Center. The award depicts the many activities state employees are involved in to support Virginia National Guard mission accomplishment. Ms. Rosalita Berta, Ms. Suzette Brooks, Ms. Elizabeth Hendricks, and Ms. Bonnie Conley received the Quarterly Team Impact Award for their efforts in supporting the mobilization of Virginia Army National Guard soldiers. This award was in recognition of exceptional performance, group harmony and cooperation among these state employees as part of the Virginia Army National Guard personnel team. This team was responsible for producing military orders enabling over 1,000 VA Army National Guard soldiers to be mobilized in support to the Homeland Defense Mission.

These employees worked tirelessly to ensure orders were published, personnel records were in order and countless other administrative and personnel actions were accomplished to take care of Virginia National Guard soldiers answering the call to active duty. General Williams noted that state employees make up a good, conscientious, and productive workforce that is essential to the accomplishment of the Virginia National Guard mission.

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