May 8, 2002, 14:29 EDT

Virginia Guard airport mission ending

by Lt. Col. Chester C. Carter, III
Virginia National Guard Public Affairs Officer

BLACKSTONE, Va. - Maj. Gen. Claude A. Williams, the Adjutant General of the Virginia National Guard, announced the airport security mission the Virginia Army National Guard has participated in since last October will be coming to an end this month. Virginia Army National Guard soldiers were called to duty in response to President Bush's request that members of the National Guard be posted in commercial service airports to provide increased security for the travelling public.

Task Force Commander Col. Ted Shuey said this is consistent with the national plan for the Transportation Security Agency to assume responsibility for the airport security mission. He said the target date for all members of the National Guard to be out of airports at the national level is May 31, 2002. The last day soldiers of the Virginia Army National Guard will be serving on this mission will vary from airport to airport. Tentative final dates are; Richmond, May 9; Dulles, May 12; Reagan, May 12; Williamsburg/Newport News, May 26; Norfolk, May 9; Roanoke, May 13; Lynchburg, May 10; Charlottesville, May 19; Shenandoah Valley, May 24.

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