Engineers help make rec site a reality

by Spc. Stephanie Willer
Public Affairs Staff Writer

Thanks to the Virginia Army National Guard and the Virginia Air National Guard, on Jun. 16, 2001, the Greene County Recreation Site will become a reality for this small community. In a joint effort, both branches will be part of “Operation Commonwealth Castle.” (OPC), also known as “Virginians for Virginia IV.” (VA-VA).

The VA-VA officially began in 1991 in Southwest Virginia. The 2001 project will be the fourth of its kind since its inception. “The idea behind VA-VA is to link engineer units training with the construction of public projects,” said Capt.. Kevin Brooks, Operations Engineer with HQ Engineering Brigade, 28th Infantry Division (Mech.), Ft. A.P. Hill, who is also acting as the operations officer for this project.

Brooks said, “This is our focus project. We selected this project for many reasons, one is based on how receptive the county has been in getting the paperwork through the proper channels. We salute Greene County on their efforts to get this project underway and hopefully they will benefit from this relationship as well.”

At a recent meeting of Greene County citizens, Brooks explained the Department of Defense (DoD) Innovative Readiness Training Program (IRT). He explained that the IRT was developed by the DoD to regulate special training programs, primarily those involving use of engineer troops to conduct civil construction operations.

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