May 12 , 2010

Adjutant General of Virginia announces senior officer assignments

Staff Reports

RICHMOND, Va. — Maj. Gen. Robert B. Newman, Jr, the Adjutant General of Virginia, announced the following senior officer assignments to become effective August 1, 2010:

  • Col. Kimberly A. Gugliotta will become the J7 - Director of Exercises and Experimentation
  • Col. Robert E. McMillin will become the Virginia Army National Guard Chief of Staff
  • Col. Jeffrey N. Hice will become the J3 - Director of Joint Operations
  • Col. William J. Coffin will become the G1 - Director of Personnel
  • Col. Eric W. Barr will become the deputy commander of the 116th Brigade Combat Team
  • Col. Steven T. Scott will become the J5 - Director of Plans and Policy Analysis

Col. Walter L. Mercer will become the commander of the 91st Troop Command

"Each of these officers bring many years of experience and knowledge into their new positions, and I'm confident the Virginia National Guard will continue to excel with this leadership team," Newman said. "Please join me in congratulating these officers in their new assignments."

Newman explained that the sequence of reassignments was precipitated by Gugliotta's departure from the Virginia National Guard technician program in order to accept a full time position as the chief of staff for the National Ground Intelligence Center. During the transition period that begins with Gugliotta's departure June 6, Hice will be the acting chief of staff.

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