June 12, 2005

"Helmets to Hardhats" helps find employment opportunities

By Maj. Timothy E. Crider
ESGR Program Support Specialis

“Helmets to Hardhats” eases the difficult passage into civilian life for military families, providing the best career opportunities, pay, and benefits to those who have earned the nation's support through their years of service and sacrifice.

The program collects information about the best career opportunities in building and construction trades and works to provide former military personnel with that information. Candidates can access information about careers and apprenticeships via the Internet from anywhere in the world. To apply for work or membership, each candidate must complete a comprehensive profile that helps “Helmets to Hardhats” refer candidates in the right direction. The program then connects the candidate with the right opportunity in the right location, serving as an advocate wherever necessary.

“Helmets to Hardhats” is co-sponsored by all fifteen Building and Construction Trades organizations, as well as their employer associations, which together represent about 82,000 contractors. Labor leaders have embraced the program, eager to help U.S. soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen transfer their experience and can-do attitudes into secure jobs within the construction industry.

The program is a building trade's initiative administered by the Center for Military Recruitment, Assessment, and Veterans Employment. The U.S. Army administers the funding, which was made available in January 2003 to get the program off the ground.

The Center is a not-for-profit trust directed by a joint labor-management construction industry committee. The co-chairs are BCTD President, Edward C. Sullivan, and Iz Cakrane, Chairman of the North American Contractors Association.

The Helmets to Hard Hats program is currently assisting employers looking for candidates willing to work at construction sites in the Roanoke / Salem and Richmond area. For more information about the Helmets to Hard Hats program please visit their web site at www.helmetstohardhats.org http://www.helmetstohardhats.org/ OR soldiers may contact Sue Robbins the Rep for Virginia at 1-866-741-6210 X 1022 for assistance with enrollment into this program.

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