July 17, 2008

General Assembly passes Iraq veterans license plate unanimously

Plate to honor sacrifice of all Iraq Veterans moves to the Governor

RICHMOND – On Memorial Day a group of Iraqi Freedom Veterans announced that they are working together to establish an Iraq Freedom Veteran license plate in the Commonwealth of Virginia, today they announce the passing of legislation from the General Assembly of Virginia during the Transportation Special Session.  HB 6022 passed unanimously on the last day of the special session in the early morning hours.  The bill passed 98 – 0 in the house and 34 – 0 in the Senate and it now moves to the Governor for his signature. 

"When we started this project on Memorial Day we had no idea it would happen so soon.  The swift action of our Legislature is an honor to all of our veterans that have served in harms way" said Chairman, Rusty McGuire.  HB 6022 now heads to the Governor for his signature and once enacted Veterans can go straight to DMV to get their plates. 

The group of Iraq veterans heading the drive include: James McGuire, Rusty McGuire and Brian Pearce. (James was wounded on his second tour in Iraq in 2007 losing his leg when his patrol was hit by an IED. Pearce served in Iraq where he was injured by a roadside bomb. Rusty McGuire returned from Iraq in 2005 after serving with his cousin James McGuire in Baghdad.) 

Del. Bill Janis, R-Glen Allen, a veteran of the Persian Gulf War, sponsored HB 6022.  The group is now asking veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom with vehicles registered in Virginia to go to their website www.myspace.com/ifvplate to obtain more information on when the plates are available. 

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