Feb. 9, 2007

34th CST trains alongside other Virginia responders

By Lt. Col. Jeffrey Hice
34th CST Commander

34th Civil Support Team and Virginia State Police response vehicles operating at the Center for National Response in West Virginia. (Photo courtesy of 34th CST)

FORT PICKETT, Va. - The 34th Civil Support Team conducted Catastrophic Incident Response Training Feb. 5- 9 with personnel from the Virginia State Police Counter Terrorism and Criminal Interdiction Unit, Chesterfield County Hazardous Materials Team and the Virginia State Medical Examiner’s office. The week-long drill conducted at the Center for National Response (CNR) in West Virginia focused on a scenario involving an explosive and chemical incident producing widespread damage, casualties and death.

This training, conducted in freezing temperatures during a significant snow storm, fully integrated these resources into a combined response team under a unified command.

The 29 personnel participating from the four State Agencies practiced HazMat incident reconnaissance, technical decontamination, casualty evacuation and decontamination, deceased body decontamination and recovery, crime scene evidence preservation and collection, laboratory analysis and chemical - biological agent identification.

Personnel from the 34th Civil Support Team, Virginia State Police and Chesterfield HazMat return from a combined entry for reconnaissance of the blast scene. (Photo courtesy of 34th CST)


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