Feb. 22, 2011

Virginia Army Guard staff briefs "State of the State" to National Guard Bureau

By Cotton Puryear
Va. Department of Military Affairs

ARLINGTON, Va. — Maj. Gen. Daniel E. Long, Jr., the Adjutant General of Virginia, shared his mission, vision, goals, values and end state for the Virginia National Guard and primary staff officers from the Virginia Army National Guard presented the “State of the State” brief to Maj. Gen. Timothy Kadavy, the Deputy Director of the Army National Guard, at the Army National Guard Readiness Center in Arlington Feb. 16.


Col. Rob McMillin, Virgniia Army National Guard Chief of Staff, briefs his portion of the "State of the State" brief to National Guard Bureau Feb. 16 in Arlington. (Photo by Cotton Puryear, Virginia Department of Military Affairs)

In addition to the information briefing, members of the Army Guard staff were able to meet with their counterparts at National Guard Bureau in order to get a better understanding of how the two organizations can better work together.

“We use this brief as a kind of azimuth check for what we do each and every day,” Kadavy said. “Our job is to make sure we have 54 successful states and territories, and we use this a check to make sure we are on track.”

Long shared his vision for the Virginia National Guard and his commitment to improving the organization. “As good as we are, we can be better,” Long said. “I want to make sure the Virginia Guard is one of the premier Guard organizations in the country. My job is to make sure everyone in the organization is successful.”

Long stressed the importance of being an organization capable of a rapid response and making sure the Guard’s interagency partners in the state government understand the capabilities the organization can bring to an emergency response situation.

 Members of the Army Guard staff briefed some of the significant accomplishments made by their sections:

The G1 Personnel Directorate facilitated efforts with Recruiting Command and Medical Command to meet National Guard Bureau’s end strength goal for Fiscal Year 2010, maintain Virginia Army National Guard end strength at 102%, and reduce medically non-deployable Soldiers by 16 percent.

Recruiting Command was recognized as fifth in the nation for the enlisted accessions mission and fourth in the nation for having a ship rate of 90 percent of new recruits attending basic training with a total of 927 for Fiscal Year 2010.  

The G3 Operations Directorate mobilized the Lynchburg based 1st Battalion, 116th Infantry with just 90 days notice as well as mobilizing the Virginia Beach-based 529th Combat Service Support Battalion and the 29th Infantry Division Headquarters and increased the percentage of Soldiers qualified in the duty Military Occupational Specialty.

The G4 Logistics Directorate achieved an overall successful assessment on the October 2010 Command Logistics Review Team - Expanded visit and continues to participate in the Logistics Awards Program.

The G6 Information Technology Directorate Information increased their ranking in compliance for Assurance Vulnerability Alert from 53rd in the nation to first.

The Virginia Guard Facilities Management Office executed $27 million in military construction projects on time, earned the Virginia Environmental Excellence Award, the DoD Eagle Award for Environmental Stewardship and Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award for Land Conservation.

Army Guard Command Sgt. Maj. Carl Holcomb expressed his interest in working with the NGB for getting training for low-density military occupational specialties as well as looking at ways to improve medical evaluation and tracking for Soldiers returning from federal active duty.

Col Rob McMillin, Virginia Army National Guard Chief of Staff, expressed his appreciation for assistance provided by NGB staff and how important that continued coordination is to the success of the Virginia Guard.

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