Williams issues statement on C-23 accident

Virginia Beach, Va. - Major General Claude Williams, the Adjutant General of Virginia, issued the following statement today:

Our heart felt thoughts and prayers go out to all of those touched by the C-23 accident which took the lives of 18 airmen of the Virginia Air National Guard and three soldiers of the Florida Army National Guard on March 3rd of this year. It is truly a loss that is felt across the Commonwealth, in Florida and throughout the Country.

We remain committed to supporting our families and loved ones that have been affected by this tragic accident. These people are our first priority. We will continue to provide whatever support possible to them. We remain committed to honoring our fallen airmen and soldiers. These men were great Americans. We will do everything possible to assure that they and their loved ones are not forgotten.

I have reviewed the Collateral Investigation Board findings and Major General Harrison’s comments. I believe the members of the Board and General Harrison discharged their responsibilities for this investigation in a diligent, thorough and responsible manner.

I believe that the members of the Board and General Harrison were dedicated to finding the cause of this accident so that appropriate action can be taken to assure a tragedy of this nature does not happen again.

We remain committed to supporting all those who have been touched by this tragedy. This is our primary focus. We pledge to continue to use all the resources available to this command to reach out to and assist the loved ones and friends of these fallen airmen.

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