Public Affairs ~ Virginia National Guard

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Click HERE for information about requesting film, documentary or video assistance from the Virginia National Guard.

For information on selling products and services to the Virginia National Guard, contact the state contracting officer at 434 298-6210 or click HERE to send an e-mail.

If you are trying to get a copy of your historical records, DD 214 or NGB 22, please call the Virginia Army National Guard personnel office at 434-298-6191. Soldiers currently in the Virginia Army National Guard must contact their unit Readiness NCO for assistance.

For information about requesting the Virginia National Guard to set up a static equipment or vehicle display, request the 29th Division Band, have a guest speaker at an event, request a color guard or other military support for a community event, contact the Virginia National Guard Joint Operations Center in Sandston at 804-236-7704 or 804-236-7705. Click HERE for more information or to download the forms for requesting military support for your community event.

For media queries or other public affairs questions, please contact one of the key public affairs office personnel below.

For other information regarding the Virginia National Guard, please check CONTACT THE VA GUARD page for more information.

Here are the key public affairs contacts for the Virginia Guard: