Environmental Program ~ Virginia National Guard

Outreach & Education

The VAARNG-FM-E is responsible for providing the proper environmental training to VAARNG soldiers, civilian employees, and tenants whose jobs have a significant potential to negatively impact the environment. VAARNG-FM-E takes a team approach and provides general Environmental Awareness Training, eMS Training, Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Training, Hazardous Waste Training, Air Quality Training, Air Permit Training, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Training and Environmental Compliance Coordinator Training through workshops, one-on-one training meetings, and in some cases web based modules.

Environmental Outreach to the local community focuses mainly around the annual Earth Day Environmental Awareness and Educational Event held at MTC Fort Pickett Twin Lakes. This annual event has grown in attendance over the last five years with over 300 members of the surrounding communities attending in April 2007. The VAARNG Environmental Team works together with MTC Fort Pickett, DPW, DPTS, Environmental related State Agencies, and other cooperators to increase the general publics overall environmental awareness and highlight the VAARNG's proactive approach to protecting the environment while accomplishing the military mission.