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Tajikistan Facts

President: Emomali Rahmon

Government: Republic

Land Area: 55,251 SQ Miles (Slightly smaller than Wisconsin)

Population: 7,211,884 (July 2008 estimate)

Capital and largest city: Dushanbe (population 700,000)

Languages: Tajik (official) and Russian (widely used in government and business)

Terrain: 93% Mountainous, over half 10,000’ or greater

Climate: Hot Summers with mild winters

People: 80% Tajik, 15 % Uzbek, Russian 1%, Kyrgyz 1%, Other 3%

Religions: 85% Sunni Muslim, 5% Shi’a Muslim, 10% Other

Literacy Rate: 99.5%

GDP: $11.82 Billion

Annual Growth Rate real GDP: 7.8%

Natural Resources: Hydropower, some petroleum, uranium, mercury, brown coal, lead, zinc, antimony, tungsten, silver, gold

Export Partners: Norway, Turkey, Italy, Iran, Russia, Uzbekistan, Germany

Import Partners: Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey

Labor Force Occupations: 67% Agriculture, 8% Industry, 25% Services